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FEB 5TH, 6-8PM

purpose over pressure

at rewild,
we are redefining...

your fitness & health
by choosing...
transformation over perfection,
self-care over stress,

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No more feeling stuck or lost in your life.
You deserve to feel happy and
purposeful every single day.
It’s time to unleash the true, authentic YOU.
We teach fun yoga classes, dance, meditation and fitness to discard old stress, shame and anxiety.
Get in touch with the confident,
free and bold person you truly are.


Soulful Yoga, Dance, Fitness and Wellness Classes in Traverse City MI

Are you yearning to feel confident & radiant

an inspiring space to



community and a home


the stereotypes

anyway that feels good

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Crafted and detailed classes to exceed your wellness dreams, regardless of fitness level. Enjoy a diverse range of gym and fitness classes from vinyasa yoga flows, power yoga, restorative yoga, guided meditations, HIIT, kettlebell and strength training, personal development, inspirational talks, cardio dance, Zumba, and more.

Classes inspired by transformation, not perfection

because your health journey shouldn't be fueled by shame...

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“Melissa has a positive energy that fuels the soul while educating and inspiring me to grow in my yoga practice. I love how he teaches something new each time about proper form or how to advance over time. I leave her class feeling uplifted in mind and body.” - Tammy Z. Yoga and HIIT student, Traverse City, Michigan

"I leave her class feeling uplifted in mind and body.”


nourish my mind & body with slow and relaxing classes to de-stress

feel powerful - cardio dance, fitness, and hiit will break you out in sweat

Flow - balance my energy & build mobility on the yoga mat

Today, I need to:

honor yourself where you are 

Life is waiting for you!

03 The ReWild yoga studio is located at 818 Red Drive, Traverse City. Please bring your yoga mat and gym shoes (if needed). We will provide any props you need. Have fun and enjoy your new yoga home!

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She does a great job accommodating people in all stages of their practice, tailoring poses to the individual while still making class challenging for all. She welcomes laughter and play while encouraging growth within her practice which makes it all the more fun!” - Haley M., Traverse City MI yoga and fitness student

“Melissa is my favorite yoga instructor I’ve ever worked with!

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in the most nurturing ways possible over the last year. She encourages playfulness while also honoring the divine practice of yoga.”
- Amanda, yoga student in Traverse City MI

"ReWild has helped me grow my yoga practice

you are whole & complete

Everything is within you

exactly as you are

at rewild, our deepest belief:

trusted by





12 years


We are busier now than ever before in human history. We are overwhelmed. Suffering from burnout. Rampantly buying self-help books, programs, workshops, apps, yoga mats, and vats of ice cream in search of that one thing that is supposedly able to “cure” us from the inside voice that says “I am never enough.”

I know. I’ve got a whole empty collection of these things gathering dust on my shelves. I remember running around, waving my arms, saying “you hoo! I could do with some answers over here!” When I eventually hit my rock bottom in my 30’s, I’d have given anything to experience the inner peace that so many of these yoga gurus preached about.

Here’s the real talk. No amount of these programs or diets will be able to give you the one secret sauce that you want to fix yourself. Because here’s the truth: You’re not broken. 

The answer to your inner healing already exists within you. 

But sometimes it gets bogged down by our modern world that demands so much from us. It’s time to shed the layers of shame, guilt, diet culture, exercise pressure, gym fatigue, and money-grubbing bosses. It’s time to unlearn the stress we gained as an adult and get back to the true version of ourselves. 

Welcome to the ReWild Yoga Studio in Traverse City, Michigan.
Your new home for yoga and fitness that fuels the body and soul.

combine fitness w/ heart

what is ReWild?

It’s time to say adios to our insecurities and become Free. Radiant. Wild.

- Yoga & movement classes that leave you energized and rejuvenated

- Inspirational messaging built into each class to put aside the “achievement” mindset and instead find gratitude for the present moment

- Encouragement & support to live your dream life with a strong and steady pursuit of growth

- Be barefoot. Go outside. Walk in nature. Swim naked.

- Walking down the street, bold and confident that you are exactly who YOU are, and no one else

- Inviting in the divine feminine to your movement and your body - no more shaming and guilt here, please!

- Reconnecting to your authentic self by shedding the conditioning and learning to love who you are

- Healing deep within - not just the symptoms but
deep inner healing work

- Stop “should-ing” yourself (also probs not a good idea to sh*t yourself either but if you do, remember to laugh along the way ;)

- Creating new neural pathways to change the way you think (aka ditch the “just think positive” and instead, find real techniques to begin to lighten the load of the ego mind

- No fitness goals. In fact, no goals. Period. We aren’t achievement-success-driven over here. Imagine simple lifestyle changes, slow, and restoration moments instead of long to-do lists

we believe in

at rewild

join us

while educating and inspiring me to grow in my yoga practice. I love how he teaches something new each time about proper form or how to advance over time. I leave her class feeling uplifted in mind and body.” - Tammy Z. Yoga and HIIT student, Traverse City, Michigan

“ReWild has a positive energy that fuels the soul

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I believe there is no right or wrong way to be on your yoga mat. I’m a former workaholic-perfectionist-burnout-divorcee who (after being diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety) hit rock bottom. Bottom of the barrel to be exact. 

After years of depression and suffering, I found my salvation on my yoga mat. It was in my first yoga classes where I learned that life is not about achievements, having more, being perfect to fit everyone else’s standards, or completing every goal on my vision board. 

Fast forward half a decade and now I teach women to do the exact same thing.


We can go to 1,000 workout classes and attempt to do all-the-things that society tells us will “someday make us happy.” But unless we learn to embrace our true authentic self, we will keep missing the mark and continue down this feeling of burnout and being lost.

My ReWild Yoga Studio incorporates fitness and flexibility, along with mindfulness and core value strategy to shed those pesky limiting thought patterns and carve out pathways to bliss and joy. If you can’t remember the last time you laughed so hard that your belly hurt, then we need to start right there. Life is about fun. Freedom. Being wild and bold. A fusion of excitement, strength training, and restorative movement is how I live my life. And it’s helped to transform hundreds of lives since its humble beginnings. Get your life back. Get your smile back. And join me on the mat.

Voted most likely to be trampled by my dogs
on my yoga mat
while attempting those
upside-down-ey yoga poses

Hey friend, I’m Melissa

I realized that it was ok to be (im)perfectly perfect.

My purpose is helping other women leave behind the overwhelm and guilt of hectic lives and self-judgment, so they can get back to being the radiant, confident, wild version of themselves